Success with CAPD Home
Peritoneal Dialysis is a well accepted therapy for the treatment of ESRD patients due to its high clinical benefits.

In PD, infection is major hurdle, For Successful PD therapy it is vital to know the causes of infection and how to prevent them.

Some common causes of infection are as follows:
1. Improper hand washing
2. Improper handling of sterile connections of CAPD system
3. Not wearing mask
4. Constipation, diarrhoea, etc.
We can avoid these by following proper practices.

1. Table preparation for exchange procedure

- Clean the surface of the table and IV stand with spirit in only one   direction for effective cleaning
- Put CAPD, bag , Safely cap, sterilizing drum, spirit bottle and
  Povidone lodine bowl after cleaning with sprit.
- Now get ready for hand washing
2. Hand Washing

In CAPD, peritonitis and exit site infection are very important aspects. But these are very much controllable. There are different routes or reasons for these infections. You can ensure the success of CAPD by avoiding them simply by following the standard operating procedures for hand washing, exchange procedure, and exit site care.

Hand Washing Techniques

1. Remove all jewellery, watch, etc. from hand to avoid microbial contamination.

2. Keep the fingernails short and check the skin of hands for any cut or abrasion. Long nails act as home for microorganisms and cuts / abrasions may cuase infection.

3. Wash both hands with tap water up to elbows.

4. Apply disinfectant soap on hands up to elbow. Clean very well for 15-20 seconds to remove bacteria.

5. While washing hands follow the instructions shown in the picture

6. After hand washing keep keep the hands in upright position (locked together ) and allow to air dry.